My topics of interests presently include:

- Local adaptation at small spatial scales

- Adaptive and non-adaptive responses to climate change

- Evolutionary importance of extreme climatic events

- Adaptation to urban habitats

- Sexual selection and evolution of sexual ornaments

- Natural selection and microevolution in natural populations

- Spatio-temporal fluctuations in natural selection

- Evolutionary ecology of bird personality

- Evolutionary constraints and multivariate quantitative genetics

- Ecological genomics

 Male mute swans Cygnus olor in a territorial fight

I am part of the group 'Génétique et Ecologie Evolutive' in the CEFE. Below my closest collaborators:


Charles Perrier (2015-2017)

Boris Delahaie (2015-2017)


PhD students

  Suzanne Bonamour du Tartre (2016-2018) - cosupervision with Céline Teplistky & Luis Miguel Chevin

   Olivier Bastianelli (2016-2018) - cosupervision with Alexandre Robert

   Aude Caizergues (2017-2019) - cosupervision with Arnaud Grégoire

External collaborators

Dany Garant , Université de Sherbrooke, Canada

Denis Réale , Université du Québec à Montréal

Ben Sheldon , Edward Grey Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Chris Perrins, Edward Grey Institute, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Peter Becker & Sandra Bouwhuis, Institute of Avian Research 'Vogelwarte Helgoland', Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Alexandre Robert , CESCO, MNHN, Paris 


Past students

Charlène Ruppli (Master 2007-2008) – presently PhD student with Alexandre Roulin

Mélody Porlier (PhD:2009-2012) - cosupervision with Dany Garant

Coline Arnaud (PhD:2009-2012) - cosupervision with Steve Dobson

Nicolas Rode (PhD:2008-2012) - cosupervision with Thomas Lenormand


Mandy Thion (Master 2012) - cosupervision with Claire Doutrelant

Pauline Beis (Master 2012) - cosupervision with Olivier Gimenez

Suzanne Bonamour (Master 2016) - cosupervision with Céline Teplitsky, Luis Miguel Chevin & Pierre-André Crochet

     Aude Caizergues (Master 2016) – cosupervision with Arnaud Grégoire

     Ana Lozano (Master 2015-2016) - cosupervision with Charles Perrier

Virginie Demeyrier (PhD: 2014-2016) - cosupervision with Arnaud Grégoire

Pascal Marrot (PhD: 2012-2016) - cosupervision with Dany Garant

Gabrielle Dubuc-Messier (PhD: 2012-2017) - cosupervision with Denis Réale


 Past postdocs

Marta Szulkin (2012-2015)

Jeff Lane (2010-2011) - collaboration with Steve Dobson

   Josh Auld (2008-2009) – collaboration with Patrice David

Outreach activities

Homeward Bound Project . I will be part of #TeamHB2019, the 2018-2019 group of women selected for the Homeward Bound Project, to contribute towards gender equality, women in science and collaborative science on climate change. More on this super adventure soon on my website!


In 2018, I participated to a MOOC on Biodiversity and Global Change with a course on 'Plastic Responses to Global Change - the tit example'. The original version of this MOOC in French also exists in a dubed English version .


2015. Pascal, Marta, Boris, Christophe, Anne, Simon, Céline, Raphaelle and Charles. Our Pirio team!

2013. Anne, Claire, Amélie, Gab, Pablo, Virginie, Arnaud, Marcel,
an almost complete tit group (missing Pascal in Canada)
Chêne blanc Quercus dor & Chêne vert Quercus ilex en Mars (Corse)